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Amazon’s Predatory Business Moves: Object While You Still Can

Amazon continues its bid to become the evil overlord of the world this week with KDP Select and the breathtakingly cutthroat move of paying bookbuyers not to buy from local stores. Kindle Direct Publishing Select is a lending library of … Continue reading

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Interview with Tattered Cover Book Store’s Matt Miller

Welcome. I’m very excited to have as my first guest Matt Miller, a general manager at the Tattered Cover Book Store.  As many Denverites know, Tattered Cover is one of the premiere independent bookstores in the nation, a model for … Continue reading

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Tattered Cover Book Store Celebrates 40 Years!

In this climate, where indie bookstores are falling like the DOW, this is truly a milestone.  Visit one of Tattered Cover’s three locations and let yourself be treated to the smell of new books, the feel of actual people to … Continue reading

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Some Kickin’ Book Signings

I worked at Tattered Cover Book Store for ten years, and in that time, was present for roughly a thousand book signings. Which ones worked? Which didn’t? Here are a few that stand out:

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