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Weekly Writers Round-Up: Week of Oct. 8, 2012

On Writing Writer Kait Nolan on Western Steampunk, on her blog. Ugh, What Do I Write About? The Struggle for Ideas, by Janice Hardy over at The Other Side of the Story writers blog. Publishing John Scalzi, being all reasonable … Continue reading

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Twitter and Selling Books: My Response to the Red Pen of Doom Guy

A few days ago, a blog post was linked on the social networks I follow; could have been the twitter, could have been the book of face, was probably both. It definitely was NOT the New York Times or a … Continue reading

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Putting the ME in New Media; A Luddite Joins the New Marketing Technolution

A writer who examines the new landscape of social media will encounter a whole internet full of advice, most of it “expert”, much of it contradicting itself. You must blog. Blogging doesn’t increase sales for most writers. You must go … Continue reading

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Twitterpated: adj., confused by affection or infatuation. I hear you, Twitterers. Tweeters? Twits? I know you think people must join you or they will waste away in the new media landscape like zombies with no brains to eat. I hear … Continue reading

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Another Writer Jumps on the Blogwagon.

I’m an aspiring novelist and decided after years of waffling to merge onto the information highway. (This is back when the internet was still called that.) First exit: Stop calling it the information highway, there, 1995.

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