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The X-Files Twenty Years Later: Still Truthy?

As impossible as it seems, it’s been twenty years since the Deadpan Duo of Mulder and Scully blazed onto the TV scene, making it cooler, rainier, and more paranoid than ever before. The Truth is Out There. Trust No One. … Continue reading

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Prometheus: Not Exactly Fire Stolen From the Gods

I get it. It’s hard to come up with anything new in sci fi, let alone drum up something revelatory out of an iconic movie franchise like the Alien series. (Well, the first two were iconic. The fourth, Alien Resurrection, … Continue reading

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Five of the Butchest Movies Ever Made

High on testosterone. Low on patience. There is no crying in these movies. The Rock Bruckheimer and Simpson didn’t mess around. They threw lots of money and all kinds of attitude at this prison/buddy movie, which is why there are … Continue reading

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