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Weekly Writers Round-Up: Week of Oct. 1, 2012

Blogging Looking for duty-free images to use when blogging? After Roni Loren’s game-changing post about getting sued for using unlicensed images on her blog, you’re not alone. Here are three tips from the Book Designer, Joel Friedlander. Writers On Twitter … Continue reading

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9 Tips for Entering the Colorado Gold Writing Contest

The Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers writing contest is in full swing and you can enter up till June 1, 2012. Details and entry form are here. As contest co-chair this year, I’m excited to be able to participate in this … Continue reading

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The Hunger Games: What Suzanne Collins Did Right

It’s been a long time since I could read a book like a reader and not like a writer. What tense is this in? Whose head are we in? How is the writer handling the backstory? And mostly, DO something. … Continue reading

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What Novelists Can Learn From the Oscars

I’ve recently torn apart my urban fantasy novel and tried to put it back together better, stronger, faster. The main character, our hero, had way too much support going into his final confrontation with the Big Bad. I’ve always loved … Continue reading

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The Writing Feedback I Give Over and Over Again

Whether at critique group or as a contest judge, I find myself tempted to make macros of the following tidbits I’ve learned over the years. A lot of it is familiar from other writers, and agents, editors, writing gurus and … Continue reading

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Weekly Writer’s Round-Up; Week of 11/20/11

My best of the web for writers this week. Hope it’s helpful. Social Media From the Red Pen of Doom guy, who’s name is actually Guy (Bergstrom), on Why Blog Hits DON’T REALLY MATTER. From writer Christina Katz: Platform and … Continue reading

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Movie Review: The Ides of March

A political drama directed by George Clooney and starring the red-hot Ryan Gosling.  The set-up is familiar: A smart, earnest politician (Clooney) who says all the right things and loves his beautiful wife.  An idealistic staffer devoted to the ideals … Continue reading

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