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20th Anniversary of The X-Files Celebration: More Best Of Lists

20th anniversaries only come around once and I’m making a big fuss for one of my favorite shows, The X-Files–IMHO, one of the best TV shows ever. So in the spirit of tradition, here are some of my votes for … Continue reading

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The X-Files Twenty Years Later: Still Truthy?

As impossible as it seems, it’s been twenty years since the Deadpan Duo of Mulder and Scully blazed onto the TV scene, making it cooler, rainier, and more paranoid than ever before. The Truth is Out There. Trust No One. … Continue reading

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Star Trek Into Darkness: Light on the Darkness but Still a Fun Ride

The multi-hyphenate JJ Abrams, writer-director-producer-ADHD wunderkind, pulled off quite the coup 4 years ago when he skillfully revived a beloved franchise even ardent fans thought was toe up. Abrams admitted he’d never seen the show, yet he managed to capture … Continue reading

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Iron Man 3: The Curse of the Threequel

When you make a film as close to perfection as Iron Man, of course it’s going to be hard to keep up the quality for the sequel and the next sequel and maybe the other sequel and the prequel. The … Continue reading

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Roger (Ebert) and Me

No one was surprised by the death of Roger Ebert last week and many were amazed he’d made it this long: the film critic, writer and social commentator had long suffered from an insidious, unshakeable cancer. But that doesn’t mean … Continue reading

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j.a. kazimer Came Back! She Came Back!

“Enjoy the ride, enjoy writing what you love, what you’re passionate about, enjoy every rejection, and celebrate every step forward…” j.a. kazimer My heterosexual Girl Crush love affair with j.a. kazimer began when I read the opening of her novel … Continue reading

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Eight Great New Year’s Eve Movies

Holiday (1938) Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant are gorgeous in George Cukor’s class-bashing drama. Hepburn is at her brittle, glittering best as the poor little rich girl who needs a working-class hero to take her away from it all. Awesome, … Continue reading

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The Life of Pi: Allegory in 3D

Yann Martel’s book club darling Life of Pi was long considered unfilmable because of the esoteric nature of the storytelling–and the starring role of a big tiger. But Taiwanese-born director Ang Lee not only took on the challenge, he did … Continue reading

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More Sappy Holiday Movies on Basic Cable

You know it’s that special time of year again when TV ads start appearing framed by ribbons and bows of your favorite stars in Yuletide dilemmas. Hallmark, Lifetime, Ion, and others keep up a steady stream of sap from now … Continue reading

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10 Great Movie Soundtracks

Lately, I’ve been bagging on movie soundtracks. Didn’t like Prometheus, didn’t like the Hunger Games. I thought I’d spotlight some movies that did get it right. The Harder They Come (1972), Jimmy Cliff and various artists This was the first … Continue reading

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