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Does Estrogen Cancel Out Your Critical Faculties?

Talking movies with a guy friend the other day and I mentioned my dislike of the movie 300. He sighed and said, “Testosterone. You just don’t have enough of it. 300 was awesome.”   Never mind that I have a … Continue reading

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Weekly Writer’s Round-Up; Week of November 27th

Literary Criticism Adam Gropnik in the New Yorker: High fantasy for young adults. Interesting lit crit on why books that aren’t even that well-written still appeal to young readers. (vis Matt Staggs on twitter. @mattstaggs).   Publishing On writer Al … Continue reading

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If Jane Austen Brought Persuasion to Critique Group

Great storytelling might be timeless, but ideas of what constitutes great storytelling tend to go in and out of fashion. Ever imagine what would happen if a great author brought a classic novel to a modern critique group? Here’s my … Continue reading

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