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What Should Writers Organizations Do About the Digital Revolution?

At the last writers conference I went to, I had one of those moments that happen to writers where I felt like I was in a movie and the camera pulled back so that I could observe my own life. … Continue reading

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Okay, This is Really the Final SD Comic Con 2012 Post, For Real This Time

I just had so many more photos and so had to send them into the Cloud of eternal images in space, for posterity’s sake. (Has posterity ever thanked anyone for everything we do for it?)           … Continue reading

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The Comic Con Diaries, Final Chapter: Joss, Joss, and more Joss

Yes, San Diego Comic Con 2012 ended months ago but the images are still fresh in my mind, and also in my camera. So here’s my last report. Missed: Adam and Jamie of the MythBusters. (Stupid Comic Con iPad app.) … Continue reading

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RMFW’s Colorado Gold writers’ conference is Just Around the Corner…

And it’s time to do the conference tips thing. Here’s my post from last year about getting ready for CoGo. The advice is pretty much the same, especially about the coffee. Conference Tips for RMFW’s Colorado Gold. This year, I’m … Continue reading

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Urban Fantasy: First Ever Denver Comic Con Comes to Downtown

For those of us who just can’t get enough geek and always have trouble landing tickets to the Big Tamale, the San Diego Comic Con, Denver’s first shot at it was a hoot.     It was 94 degrees outside, … Continue reading

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Weekly Writer’s Round-Up: Week of June 11, 2012

Conference Tips Matt Usey with some unusual but helpful writers’ conference tips, via twitter. On Writing Writer Jenny Hanson on writing every day and how it’s empowered her, on her blog. More Inconclusive Data From the Indie vs. Trad Stand-Off … Continue reading

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A New Way to Study Writing: Watching Too Much Television

Have you noticed a whole lotta’ lamenting going on that writers don’t want to study craft anymore? Social media guru Kristen Lamb’s incisive lament. And the people who run writer’s conferences are flooded with workshop proposals on how to format … Continue reading

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