Weekly Writer’s Round-Up; Week of November 27th

Literary Criticism
Adam Gropnik in the New Yorker: High fantasy for young adults. Interesting lit crit on why books that aren’t even that well-written still appeal to young readers. (vis Matt Staggs on twitter. @mattstaggs).


On writer Al Boudreau’s blog: Editing and self-publishers; just do it. (via twitter.)

Freelance writer Kevin Sims on Salon, on how he doesn’t support the bookstores he loves.

Social Media
How not to be obno when using social media. From Megan Hustad on CNN Money: Social Media Self-Promotion; Resisting theTemptation. (via twitter.)

Slowly, the vast mysteries of the wide world of twitter are being unraveled for me: From Kristen Lamb’s blog: Be a Tweep, Not a Tool; How Hashtags Can Win Friends and Influence Enemies. (via twitter.)

Book Tours
Joanne Kaufman in the Wall Street Journal A&E section: Rethinking the Familiar Book Tour. (Via Jeanne Stein on her blog.)

Bookstore tours for writers; great info from writer Mark Stevens. (Via Facebook.)

Writing Craft
I love this guy.  From writer Chuck Wendig: 25 Reasons Readers Will Quit Reading Your Story.

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