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The Son of Horror Shorts From Southwest Critique Group

The members of RMFW’s Southwest Critique group have been kind enough to expose their ghoulish tender bellies to guest on my blog this month. Today’s brave if twisted soul: Robin (RG) Calkins, with a little ditty called The Grave Digger. … Continue reading

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More Horror Shorts from the Southwest Writers Critique Group

We’re ba-a-ack! Today’s creepy flash fiction comes from Jeff Seymour and a teaser from his dark fantasy story, Chirugeon. Enjoy, if that’s the word. The fighters are bleeding when they bring them to me. White, black, Almacian, Kā€™tarean, Thaelmian, it … Continue reading

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Weekly Writers Round-Up: Week of Oct. 8, 2012

On Writing Writer Kait Nolan on Western Steampunk, on her blog. Ugh, What Do I Write About? The Struggle for Ideas, by Janice Hardy over at The Other Side of the Story writers blog. Publishing John Scalzi, being all reasonable … Continue reading

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Horror Shorts For Your Halloween From the Southwest Critique Group

In this Month of the Dead, I’m featuring the awesome writers of RMFW’s Southwest Critique Group and their horror flash fiction tales. Today’s macabre morsel comes from Chris Winiecki, self-described “sixty-year-old woman with the brain, raging hormones, and common sense … Continue reading

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Weekly Writers Round-Up: Week of Oct. 1, 2012

Blogging Looking for duty-free images to use when blogging? After Roni Loren’s game-changing post about getting sued for using unlicensed images on her blog, you’re not alone. Here are three tips from the Book Designer, Joel Friedlander. Writers On Twitter … Continue reading

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RMFW’s Colorado Gold writers’ conference is Just Around the Corner…

And it’s time to do the conference tips thing. Here’s my post from last year about getting ready for CoGo. The advice is pretty much the same, especially about the coffee. Conference Tips for RMFW’s Colorado Gold. This year, I’m … Continue reading

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Weekly Writer’s Round-Up: Week of August 27th

Social Media and Book Promotion Writer Lyn Horner on how to, and how NOT to, promote your book on Amazon’s reader forums. On Writers in the Storm blog. Do Facebook ads burn money? On Jeff Bullas’ social media blog.   … Continue reading

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Copper on the BBC America

Kevin “Corky” Corcoran is a hard-case detective in New York’s Five Points neighborhood circa post-Civil War. He gives an egg to a starving child and doesn’t require pleasuring in return, so we know he’s a good hard-case detective. And, like … Continue reading

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The Comic Con Diaries Two: You’re Not Fan Enough

Can you guess from the above shot (I call it “Dinklage Hall”) who my favoritest guy on Game of Thrones is? Confession: I don’t even watch Game of Thrones. But, hi Peter!) No, I didn’t get to see him live, … Continue reading

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The Comic Con Diaries One: Smells Like Comic Con

Day one: I forget to wear deodorant-twice. I SMELL LIKE COMIC CON. A friend of mine described his first CC experience exactly the same way. I feel like I’ve arrived. While buying the first of many, many pretzel dogs, I … Continue reading

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