Okay, This is Really the Final SD Comic Con 2012 Post, For Real This Time

I just had so many more photos and so had to send them into the Cloud of eternal images in space, for posterity’s sake. (Has posterity ever thanked anyone for everything we do for cosplayers San Diego Comic Con 2012it?)







Cosplay is short for “costume play,” and it’s big at CC.



Most cosplayers are fine with you taking their photo, but ask first.




Emma Frost at SD Comic Con 2012



Bff Andrea Phillips, who transported her costumes across the country on the train, here as Emma Frost from the X-Men.






One of the interesting studies at CC is the advertisements, like everything at CC, over-sized and over-the-top. You could tell NBC was seriously banking on Grimm since even its modest numbers still made it one of the few hits on the still-struggling network. (“Let’s kill a whole hour of primetime TV and put a late-night talk show in its place. What could possibly go wrong?”)

Grimm your skin promo SD Comic Con 2012Here, they turned an entire restaurant into Grimm central, complete with a forest and the Airstream trailer of plot contrivance.

Grimm on NBC SD Comic Con 2012






Okay, I have to admit, that was pretty cool. We waited in line and everything.

I leave you with an incarnation of the Batmobile.

And some scantily-clad cosplayer babes.

5th Element cosplayer SD Comic Con 2012







…one one overly-clad cosplayer babe…

And that really is the last of Comic Con, promise.

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