The Comic Con Diaries, Final Chapter: Joss, Joss, and more Joss

Yes, San Diego Comic Con 2012 ended months ago but the images are still fresh in my mind, and also in my camera.

"Comic Con cosplayers"

Romulan chicks in the bathrooms

So here’s my last report.

Adam and Jamie of the MythBusters. (Stupid Comic Con iPad app.)
Eoin Colfer and his lilting Irish brogue, signing the last of the Artemis Fowl series.
…And too many cool people to list. Let’s don’t dwell.

Caught live:
The Fringe crowd. They’re all adorable, Anna Torv’s Aussie accent doubly so, Jasika Nicole triply so. We got great swag, gray Observer fedoras. I left mine in the auditorium because I didn’t want to deal with it all the way home on the train. (My Comic Con partner rightly scolded me but it made sense at "Comic Con Fringe hat"the time.)
Best mo: the three audience members who asked a question (“Why aren’t there any female Observers?”) in full-on Observer mode complete with starey eyes and monotones.

Supernatural: Yes, Jensen and Jared are all that and a bag of rock salt in person.
Best Mo: writer Ben Edlund, of Tick and Angel fame, doing a great sendup of a 60s burnout stoned hippie. I so wanted him to be my Comic Con boyfriend.

Bryan Fuller of Pushing Daisies fame: (R. I. P., Daisies–No, don’t! Rise from the grave after Ned touches you and live on forever on the Precious Channel, or whatever.) Fuller previewed the upcoming Munsters remake, Mockingbird Lane. Sorry. The preview did nothing for me. Can we stop raiding my kitschy childhood treasures for mocking, cringeworthy movies and TV, please? (Tim Burton’s god-awful Dark Shadows remake, I’m looking at you.)

Caught on the replay:
Quentin Tarantino previewing Django.
QT very chatty about obscure pop culture–shocker! But very guarded about his slave-revenge flick starring Jamie Foxx.

Some great Cosplayers, in night and day:

Okay, enough with the prelims. Blah blah blah Comic Con and then… Joss is speaking to me!
No, I swear, it was just to me. Shut up.
Don’t ask me how I got a ticket; there might have been dark rituals involved. But there I was and there he was, not 30 feet away, in all his GeekMaster, middle-aged, average guy glory.

Joss Is Busier Than You
He apologized for sounding like Elaine Stritch by explaining he’s been kind of busy, and also stopped in to visit with the folks in line for the Firefly ten-year reunion the night before, after a party.

“I’m under your spell…” Yes, snippets from the Buffy musical played in my head. Shut up.

Joss the Renaissance Man:
Question: Which medium is your favorite, comics, TV, or movies?
Joss: “Yes.”

Joss, the Sarcast:
On Dr. Horrible: “We are going to do three prequels but they’re going to suck.”

Joss, TVs Number One fan:
“Absolutely, I love television. Most of the great storytelling is being done on television. TV rules, man.”

Joss the Feminist:
“I’ve been coming to Comic Con for more than a decade and every time I go to the floor with the intention of buying a cool statue of a female hero and I have yet to find one that doesn’t look like a porn star.”

Joss, Writing Guru:
Advice to creatives:
“It’s always just makes things, make things, make them yourself. Put it online, shoot it with your phone, do it with your friends, get up some live stuff … You have to make it happen yourself.”

Well, it’s Joss, so I could go on and on…but watch him on YouTube. (I think this link is legal.)

My first SDCC, under my belt. Next year’s goals:
1. Figure out how not to miss stuff.
2. Blog about it much, much sooner.
3. More Joss.

"SDCC 2012 cosplay"

You just never know who you'll meet in the bathrooms

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2 Responses to The Comic Con Diaries, Final Chapter: Joss, Joss, and more Joss

  1. RGCalkins says:

    I just want to see and hear Joss (jealous much?).

    “And I will walk through the fire…” yes, I can quote Once More with Feeling too.

    It looks like you had a grand time. I’m glad you didn’t take that apple from the Evil Queen.



    • Chris Devlin says:

      Robin, hah! It was tempting…

      Just missed the Buffy musical singalong at Mile Hi Con, but there might be one at Denver Comic Con in June. You should come! We’ll duet.


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