Weekly Writers Round-Up: Week of Oct. 8, 2012

On Writing
Writer Kait Nolan on Western Steampunk, on her blog.

Ugh, What Do I Write About? The Struggle for Ideas, by Janice Hardy over at The Other Side of the Story writers blog.

John Scalzi, being all reasonable and fact-y again. Amazon Author Rankings and Who They Actually Benefit, from Scalzi’s Whatever blog.

Jason Pinter with some interesting maths about publishing and Lena Dunham’s big advance, on Huffpo. (Lena Dunham of HBO Girls fame.)

Social Media
The Social Media Train Wreck That All Authors Must Avoid, by Jonathan Gunson. (Spoiler alert: It’s “Don’t try to do everything all at once.”)

Neil Gaiman’s annual All Hallow’s Read on GalleyCat. The promo video is a scream.

This is totally relevant to writing, totally: Guy Bergstrom on his Red Pen of Doom blog, brings us Gangnam Style by Psy, as interpreted by Trekkies and sung in Klingon, IT IS EPIC.

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2 Responses to Weekly Writers Round-Up: Week of Oct. 8, 2012

  1. Johnathan Guston’s article affirms my belief in the basic wisdom of a measured, step-by-step approach to social networking. I’ll see you on Goodreads!


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