Weekly Writers Round-Up: Week of Oct. 1, 2012

Looking for duty-free images to use when blogging? After Roni Loren’s game-changing post about getting sued for using unlicensed images on her blog, you’re not alone. Here are three tips from the Book Designer, Joel Friedlander.

On Twitter at least, many writers HATE the phrase ‘aspiring writer.’ I pass their reasoning on to you via J.C. Hutchins, though I kind of like the word ‘aspire.’ It sounds like breathing to me. (Note: I took the phrase off my homepage, not because I always do everything Chuck Wendig says, (Chuck also hates it when writers describe themselves that way), but because I thought it was time for a change to my homepage intro.)

Writing Craft
Seven YA Fantasy Tropes That Need to Stop, by Kimberly of the book review blog Novel Tease. (I admit it. I’m guilty of some of them myself. But how do I stop when it feels so good?)

Author Kara Lennox guests on Writers in the Storm blog with a helpful post on craft, Your Plot Moves Too Slowly ~ 5 Tips To Help Improve Your Story’s Pacing.

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