RMFW’s Colorado Gold writers’ conference is Just Around the Corner…

And it’s time to do the conference tips thing. Here’s my post from last year about getting ready for CoGo. The advice is pretty much the same, especially about the coffee.
Conference Tips for RMFW’s Colorado Gold.

Don't I look all smartypants? I think it's the glasses.

This year, I’m happy to be a workshop presenter. Along with my co-presenters, Nikki Baird and Kathy House, I’m putting on a little show-don’t-tell called Is Your POV Slip Showing? We did this at the RMFW workshop last month, and it was a lot of fun. I hope it was informative as well. Stop by and check us out, 1-3pm Friday Sept. 7. Bring a few paragraphs of your work-in-progress and we’ll wax all smartypants about the point of view. (Thanks to Liesa Malik for the photo.)

I also had the honor of co-chairing RMFW’s writing contest this year. I’m excited for the banquet on Saturday night, where the master himself, Contest Chair Terry Wright, will be announcing the finalists and handing over the winners to the editors and agents who judge the final round. Come and see all the pageantry for yourself. It’s like the Oscars, only without all the commercials.

Let me also link to a previous post, Vocal Hygiene for Writers. Here’s how not to lose your voice, even if you stay up all night for the Hospitality Suite, which you should do, even if you do lose your voice. It’s worth it.

The Colorado Gold is one of the great writers conferences, in my humble opinion. I hope to see you all soon.

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