The Comic Con Diaries Two: You’re Not Fan Enough

Can you guess from the above shot (I call it “Dinklage Hall”) who my favoritest guy on Game of Thrones is? Confession: I don’t even watch Game of Thrones. But, hi Peter!)

No, I didn’t get to see him live, in the sexy flesh. Let’s don’t speak of it.

Other awesomeness we missed:
The Firefly 10th-Year-Reunion panel, complete with JOSS WHEDON.
The Psych panel
Almost everything on Thursday and Friday.

We had yet to figure out that whole deal where, if you want to see a particular panel, you go wait in line at 4 AM and then stay in the room the whole time until your joy gets on stage. (Bring catheters or, in a pinch, Gatorade bottles.) We should have been clued in by the blocks of people camping out in front of the Convention Center as we were leaving Thursday night for the Firefly panel at 12:30 Friday afternoon.

We just weren’t fan enough.

Gosh, I’m getting all sad now.

Here are some things we did get to see:

It's not so much the Cosplayers who are fun to photograph as all the dudes lined up to take the photos

"You win again, gravity!"

We did make one saving discovery; the Replay room. This is how we got to see the Psych panel after all. At 8 o’clock, they replay three or four of the panels from the big rooms that day. It’s the consolation room. We were consoled.

The bad news: the audience members get to vote on which panels they want to see. So of course, the Twi-Hards showed up in ginormous herds, as they do. They out-shouted us, because they are just that young and full of vinegar.

The burning question on everyone’s mind-is Robert Pattinson as cute in real life as he is on celluloid?

Yes. Yes, he is. And yes, the Twilight crew are just as awkward and uncomfortable speaking in public as they always appear to be. I mean, I feel sorry for them. Most of them are 12 years old and, gosh, they just wanted to act. No one ever told them they had to be able to string two sentences together. Stephenie Meyer, by contrast, was loquacious and smooth.

(It would be days later when poor little 12-year-old Kristen Stewart would drop her bombshell that she made out with the director, cheating on her boyfriend, that just-as-cute-in-real life Robert Pattinson, and the world would tremble. But here at Comic Con, they sat side-by-side, awkwardly, but no more so than usual.)

Cruel irony that they were followed by the Psych crew, all of them smooth and funny and at ease. Even though it wasn’t technically live it felt sort of live because we watched them on the big monitor. They were hilarious and a lot of fun, as I’ve heard. True, when you see the panels on the replay, you don’t get the previews and such, only the panel discussion. But don’t burst my bubble. It felt real. It was real.

Next time, more of what we missed. And also, some cool things we did see. (Hint: Joss Whedon.)

More photos, ones I put in a folder called, “Crowds,” kind of a redundancy at CC.

The Exhibition Hall, too blurry for anyone to sue me

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