The Comic Con Diaries One: Smells Like Comic Con

Day one: I forget to wear deodorant-twice. I SMELL LIKE COMIC CON. A friend of mine described his first CC experience exactly the same way. I feel like I’ve arrived.

While buying the first of many, many pretzel dogs, I swear I see Robert Downey Jr. walk by outside this window:

Like all male movie and TV stars in real life, he’s just as handsome as on film though not as tall. But I figure it’s just a lookalike, until he makes his entrance at the Iron Man 3 preview the next day. (I mean, could he be any cooler?)



So far, it looks and acts a lot like Denver Comic Con which debuted in June of this year. But rumor has it Wednesday and Thursday nights are just the warm-up for the pandemonium to come, when roughly 120,000 geeks descend upon downtown San Diego.








Night one: Preview night! What this means to most fanboys and girls: they get to preview collectors items that will be on sale and plan how to raid their retirement funds in order to own the latest geektastic gems. (If you don’t know the term ‘fanboy’, don’t come here. THEY WILL EAT YOU.)

What this means to me: TV previews! Five of them. All from Warner Brothers, who are majorly promoting their stuff this year, all to debut on the fall schedule. Our first taste of one of the giant auditoriums as well as waiting in line to get into them, mostly what you do here.

Well, that and checking out nerd vogueing, Exxtreme Edition:









My Preview Night reviews:

666 Park Avenue: Something about a high-rise building in New York where people make deals with the devil to get in. The Denver housing market just isn’t quite that rough. Plus, it was very loud. I give it a C+.

The Following, starring Kevin Bacon: The best thing about it? Well, Kevin Bacon. He plays an alcoholic former FBI agent, which, are there any other kind? He did a Will Graham and busted this serial killer years before, and now the guy is out of prison and inspiring others to kill for him. To FOLLOW him, so to speak. None of it makes much sense; serial killers don’t generally become as big as The Beatles and the only reason suggested is because the guy looks exactly like James Purefoy. Sorry, Kevin. C-

Cult: The late, lamented Rick from The Vampire Diaries, OMG! But I liked this pilot even though this must be the reason they did what they did to him on TVD. And T-Bag from Prison Break starring as a TV show actor on a hit series called Cult, who may or may not be the real thing. T-Bag vs. Uncle Rick–I am so there. B+

The Revolution: It’s JJ Abrams. It’s dystopian. It’s on TV. Am I going to watch? Is Joss Whedon a genius?

Arrow: True confession; Justin Hartley, who played Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow on the cartoonish Smallville, kind of set the tone for all the queens to come. This was darker, bleaker, less fun, less pretty. It was also the wettest Oliver Queen ever, with rainstorms, shipwrecks, sweat. I’ll check it out because it’s superhero-ish, but I’m not ramped. B-



My friend Andrea strikes the pose. From some angles, that ginormous ‘Defiance’ ad on the building in back read as ‘Fiance,’ which is, of course, quite terrifying to some of us.




Tune in later for more of the Comic Con Diaries as I get within 40 feet of Joss Whedon.

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