Weekly Writer’s Round-Up; Week of June 18, 2012

Toby Neal

Social Media
Author Toby Neal expresses doubts about blogs, on her blog: via Rachel Thompson, twitter.

Literary agent Rachelle Gardner on whether unpublished novelists should be platform-building.

Writer Janice Hardy on the great twitter experiment: What do more tweets really get you?

An exhaustive study of social media marketing from one of its strongest advocates, Jeff Bullas.

Curious about “crowdfunding” your artistic project? According to Kickstarter, less then 32% of the site’s funded projects meet their goals. (Via GalleyCat)

Carnival of the indie-published authors, issue #21, on Joel Friedlander’s blog. Tons of info for those interested in self-publishing and book marketing.

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2 Responses to Weekly Writer’s Round-Up; Week of June 18, 2012

  1. Rachelle Gardner’s blog post says it all.

    All the social networking in the world won’t help promote your book if you have a flat story line and you can’t write worth a @#%$… 😈

    I’m of the “build it and they will come” school myself…


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