Urban Fantasy: First Ever Denver Comic Con Comes to Downtown

For those of us who just can’t get enough geek and always have trouble landing tickets to the Big Tamale, the San Diego Comic Con, Denver’s first shot at it was a hoot.



It was 94 degrees outside, but this little Furry seemed comfortable.





SuperGrrrls vogue-ing it up in the Convention Center.




Strike the pose, Red Hot Girl.




The Red Shirt looks awfully cheery for someone who's about to die any moment




Red tail on the yellow line.







So, remember Chief Tyrol from Battlestar Galactica, how he was always so dour and cranky? Yeah, Aaron Douglas is nothing like that. He grabbed the mic and did 50 minutes of stand-up comedy, complete with penis references and a killer impersonation of Edward James Olmos doing a spoken-word version of Rocket Man. Geektastic!


True confession: Spike ended up being my least favorite character on Buffy and Angel, but I never blamed James Marsters for that. He was great in person; passionate about his craft, funny, kind to children. (My photos didn’t turn out, so I hope Joe Beine doesn’t mind if I appropriate his excellent photo.) Marsters also keeps himself in shape, bless him.

See you next year, Fangirls and Boys!

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