Weekly Writer’s Round-Up: Week of June 3rd, 2012

E-Book cover awards from Joel Friedlander of The Book Designer.

Why you should have a blogging plan, by Dino Dogan of Triberr.

Blogging by Roni Loren.

Excellent take by Tom Scocca on how Microsoft Word documents are dying a slow, metadata death. On Slate, via The Passive Voice blog.

The Five Stages of “Getting” Twitter, by Shea Bennett, via twitter. (I can’t say this didn’t happen to me.)

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2 Responses to Weekly Writer’s Round-Up: Week of June 3rd, 2012

  1. All right, the Weekly Round-Up is back! We missed you. 🙂

    Hilarious reply comment to the Five Stages of Twitter:
    nrgins: So you’re basically saying that Twitter is like a terminal illness. 😈
    (I’ll be ROTFL’ing all week from that one alone!)

    Twitter is today’s version of chat/instant messaging, with all the same positive and negative qualities…


    • Chris Devlin says:

      Sorry I was away so long. I missed the Weekly Round Up too.

      That comment IS hilarious. I didn’t see it, thanks for sharing.


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