Tips for Being a Good Guest Blogger

In the whirlwind of promoting your own book, a lot of details can get lost.

I’ve noticed that writers who are guest blogging or being interviewed on blogs sometimes miss opportunities to promote themselves and their books.

Talk to your host and make sure you understand what they want.  But it’s good manners and smart business to cover some basics:

  • Provide a short bio introducing yourself. Make this in the 3rd person like you might do for a bio on your website. This saves the host from having to do it and you’ll have it at the ready for other uses.

Author Terry Wright’s website bio is a good example.

  • Include links to anything you want to promote. (Extra tip: Sign up for a link-shortening service like This makes for tidier links and can actually help you track the traffic on your links.) Don’t make your blog host or your readers chase down your twitter, facebook, author pages, website etc. On the other hand, if you’re seriously jacked into the Matrix and have 47 different places where you can be found online, don’t include them all. Your blog post will look like the cityscape from Blade Runner.

  • Do include a photo. No photo isn’t so great and your host might just uncover something on Google images, like that mugshot you’d hoped would never surface, that you really don’t want.
  • If pictures or images are part of the package, make sure you provide usable sizes and attachments.
  • Submit clean copy.
  • Check back for a few days after the post has gone live and answer questions. And promote the heck out of the post on your own social media.



Author Pat Stoltey gives very thorough advice in a guest post on Writer’s Digest Guide to Literary Agents blog.

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6 Responses to Tips for Being a Good Guest Blogger

  1. Hi Chris — Thanks so much for linking to the WD guest post. I love having guests on my blog, but it sometimes turns into a nightmare when a blogger forgets his deadline, forgets to send photos or links, and/or fails to show up on post day to respond to comments. Spreading the word on what it takes to be a good guest is very helpful.


    • Chris Devlin says:

      Thanks, Pat! Your article was terrific, really thorough coverage of the topic.

      I worry about some new authors and how hard it can be to find info on them when they don’t have it collected themselves. Guest blog posts are definitely a way to maximize exposure so I hope they use it wisely.


  2. Terry Wright says:

    Hey Chris.. Thanks for the info and the link to my website in this post. One way to promote yourself using blogs is to ‘blog hop’… visit blogs and post comments (hopefully constructive insights other than ‘thanks for the great post’). Add your Google ID or Web address link so anyone interested can click on it and learn more about you. Pat, you’re a rock star.


  3. Marne Ann says:

    Hey Chris. Question: What is clean copy? Great post, btw. I came over to see if you had broken down the publishing lawsuit thing down into Marne-friendly yet, and found this very timely post. Thank you.


    • Chris Devlin says:


      Sorry if I’m being all slangy. Clean copy would be edited and proofed so the host doesn’t have to fix your typos. I guess it sounds like ‘no cussing.’ But it just means professional copy, like what you’d submit to an agent.

      I’d love to break down the publishing lawsuit thing myself. There are so many blog posts I’d like to do. But I’m actually having to concentrate on whipping my manuscripts into shape for agent submission and for Pikes Peak next week.

      Hey, are you going to be there? It’d be fun to see you again.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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