Weekly Writer’s Round-Up: Week of 2/26/12

Mary Willis Walker

Older article by writer Mary Willis Walker, who talks about her own process with her name, a subject dear to my heart.

Wildly successful crowdfunding effort for stick-figure comic. (via @JonathanGunson on twitter.)

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America site drops Amazon links, via GalleyCat.

RIP mass market books? Sales down over 40% from last year.

Tamela Buhrke encourages writer/bloggers to blog the way they write in 5 Ways Your Blog is Out of Control.

12 Blog Post Ideas You Can Start Using Today, by Hector Cuevas, via Neal Schaffer on twitter. Includes helpful links and innovative ideas.

Morgen Bailey’s writer blog–over 300 contributors and counting. Author, agent and publisher interviews, commentary, etc.

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7 Responses to Weekly Writer’s Round-Up: Week of 2/26/12

  1. Thank you for the mention, Chris. A lovely surprise to wake up to. πŸ™‚



  2. Chris Devlin says:


    You’re welcome! Thanks for your awesome writing blog. It’s chock-full of useful stuff.



  3. I consider Tamela Buhrke’s concepts about her vampire novels to be downright sexist.
    my female characters will never date vampires
    Nice holier-than-thou, implying that all of her female characters are human, and all her vampires are men. This takes the overdone “vampire male romances human female” trope to a new extreme. Said trope was one of the major reasons motivating me to craft a “non-romance” vampire story.
    Vampires are predators. I don’t want to encourage women to lust after predators.
    So it must be okay if men lust after predators? 😈
    If all the vampires in her universe are male, she implies by default that only men can be destructive predators.
    Even in Stephenie Meyer’s universe, females as well as males have to deal with their inner predatory urges. Bella Swan’s desire to become a vampire makes this a key focal point.
    Here I was, thinking “Twilight” was a bit sexist. Compared to Buhrke’s “only men are monsters” ideology, I owe Meyer an apology!
    All this is good motivation for me to finish my novel about an all-female werewolf pack. 😈


    • Chris Devlin says:

      An all-female werewolf pack? How do they reproduce?


      • An all-female werewolf pack? How do they reproduce?
        With normal human males acquired for breeding purposes. 😈
        This is an Amazon-warrior type pack feared by the world’s other werewolves, male and female.
        The virtually all-male Lycans of the “Underworld” films inspired me to draft an outline of the logical opposite:
        “Amazon werewolves.”
        (which is also a nice two-word pitch line) πŸ˜€


      • Chris Devlin says:

        Heh. It IS a good two-word pitch, though some might confuse the word Amazon. Jeff Bezos is a werewolf?


      • That’s why I wouldn’t use the word “Amazon” in the title.


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