8 Blogs I Just Can’t Quit

Opening my gmail account only to see blog posts spilling over into the theme picture has encouraged me to cull the billions of blogs I follow.

Here are the ones I find myself unable to not follow:

With a name like Cowbell-You Need More of It, how could I turn away from Jenny Hanson’s blog? Writer, techgeek, humorist. Her fun and helpful info on joining the new media take some of the scary out of it for shlubs like me.

Social media guru Jeff Bullas is clearly talking to people way over my head in money and tech smarts, but I find his info current and future-reaching.

Keeping up with writer Kait Nolan as she navigates writing, having a life, and how to stay enthused about all this social media stuff.

A former lawyer collates lots of articles relevant to writers and occasionally comments drolly like your smart uncle.

Red Pen of Doom
Former New York Times about.com PR and mass media expert Guy Bergstrom waxes sarcastic about the hopes and dreams of the netgen and why we’re all dead wrong to be bothering with the twitter, the glowing series of tubes, and the book of face if we want to promote ourselves as writers. It hurts so good.

Kristen Lamb, author of We Are Not Alone-The Writer’s Guide to Social Media, lays it all out for you in entertainingly shambling posts.

I stumbled across writer John Scalzi’s kitchen-sink type blog way back at the beginning of my trek around the blogosphere and only recently learned he has one of the most popular blogs in the world. How? I’m not sure. I just find it entertaining.

Writer Bob Mayer’s blog bursts with helpful info and straight talk from a successful writer.

The common thread, if any? They’re all really good writers.

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4 Responses to 8 Blogs I Just Can’t Quit

  1. Jenny Hansen says:

    OMG, Chris!!! I’m completely blown away here at my little kitchen table in California. You have made my entire month by putting me on this list with bloggers I love and admire.

    I’m gonna bookmark this and pull this out when I’m having a really crappy day….”Chris said I was a good writer!! SQUEEEE!!!!”

    Gonna go forward this to my hubby so he can bask in my morning glow…. 🙂


    • Chris Devlin says:

      Your response to my random musings has made my day here in my little grotto in Denver!

      I kept finding your blog posts linked in various places and you’ve unknowingly been so helpful to this crusty Luddite. Thanks for the great writing. 😉

      Glow on, girl!


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