Weekly Writer’s Round-Up: Week of January 15th, 2012

It’s all about Social Media, or Social Networking, or whether those are different from each other, this week. I guess it’s been on my mind.

Social media expert Jeff Bullas on the state of the blogosphere.

Is Social Media a waste of time? On Jeff Bullas blog. (The “infographics” contained herein are apparently all that on the web at the mo’. Personally, I don’t see it, but I’m not a graphics-reader. I can’t tell what the elevator doors are telling me to do with those <> and >< signs. Can’t they just say ‘open’ and ‘close’?)

7 Little Blog Mistakes That Drive Your Readers Nuts, by Stanford on Neal Schaffer’s blog.

From The Passive Guy blog: Professionals With iPads are Deserting Printed Media.

I love this guy, Guy Bergstrom to be precise, even though reading his posts about new media makes me want to toss my computer and go to school to be a journalist or a publicist. Or just be a dogwalker. 11 brutally useful posts on publicity for writers.

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