Ten Signs You Might Be a Movie Buff

Movie awards season is in full swing and
if you’re like me, your belly button has been
puckering and unpuckering constantly.
(tm Hawkeye on MASH.)
Here are some other signs you might be a movie buff:


  • You always stay to the end of the credits, whether or not there are one of those after-credit surprises. (Called Monk’s Surprises, or stingers, or credit cookies.) If you knew that already …
  • You’re probably a movie buff.
  • Watch movies in all genres, liking Pulp Fiction as much as Moonstruck, District 9 as much as Up in the Air.
  • Can name the aspect ratio of most movies.


  • Fullscreen movies, cut to fit a TV screen (AKA pan-and-scan) make you stabby.
  • Never been to film school but can throw around the word mise-en-scene in casual conversation.
  • Have strong opinions about the Academy voting rules.
  • Root for cinematographers, art directors, and sound editors along with actors and directors at the Oscars. (RIP, Conrad L. Hall.)
  • Can recognize movie studios from the music and icons that appear at the beginning of a film.
  • Make random movie lists. Loudest movies ever. Movies I didn’t like as much as I felt I should. Favorite sci-fi films. Best screenplays. Etc.

How’d you do? If you found yourself seated at a table with Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino, could you keep up?

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4 Responses to Ten Signs You Might Be a Movie Buff

  1. If you found yourself seated at a table with Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino, could you keep up?
    I’d be trying to convince Tarantino he should direct the film version of my novel. He would be my number-one choice. My story is far more original than “From Dusk To Dawn” (the highlight of which was Salma Hayek’s dancing scene :twisted:) .

    My playlist is already Tarantino-esque, he wouldn’t shy away from any of the twisted sex or black humor, and he’d make sure every character’s car was book-correct. A match made in heaven 😉


    • Chris Devlin says:

      Daven, that’s hilarious. Tarantino, or “Q,” as I pretend he’d like to be called, is my number one choice to direct Trash!

      And let me continue to co-opt him and guess that he would approve of that playlist.


  2. Karen Lin says:

    As a screen writer, I’m hard-core picky. I have a list of my favorite movies in each genre (all time best is Harold and Maude). My favorite credit cookies are those from Jacki Chan movies. I will never forget the screenwriter for American Beauty getting up to accept the academy award after they totally mispronounced his name – quite symbolic to me of the author spot on the totem pole. I fell asleep in only one movie HIGH ROAD TO CHINA with Tom Seleck – don’t bother. I got a headache watching Eraser Head (though I like all the other stuff by Lynch. The weirdest cult movies I’ve ever seen are LIQUID SKY and Divine’s scratch and sniff PINK FLAMINGOS. I could talk movies all day, but I prefer to write them.


    • Chris Devlin says:

      Sorry this took so long to respond to: moved!

      Harold and Maude is, indeed, awesome.

      And the Jackie Chan credit cookies are totally fun.

      Never seen High Road to China and it sounds like that’s a good thing.

      Eraserhead was a trip, it’s true. I have a rocky relationship with Lynch movies. Some I really like, but he gets too out there for me. I don’t like to lose the story in oddballness.

      I’ve never seen Liquid Sky or Pink Flamingoes, even though I’ve heard plenty about Divine.

      Hey, thanks for stopping by to talk movies! Good for you for writing them, too.


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