Weekly Writer’s Round-Up; Week of January 1, 2012

Writing Craft
Hey, she beat me to it! I was going to write a post called “What Novelists Can Learn From Die Hard,” having just watched the film for my annual Non-Traditional Holiday Moviefest. But Janice Hardy does a great job, so I’ll just link. Enjoy!

Writers who still write long-hand, doing my heart good:
Twelve Writers Who Still Refuse to Use Computers (via Tamela Buhrke on twitter.)

On creating a magic system for your novel, from Philip Martin. (via Jaye Wells on twitter.)

Writer Todd Henry asks: Are We Killing Artists to Take Their Golden Eggs? (via Jane Friedman on twitter.)

Agent Rachelle Gardner, on why the non-response response you get from some agents could be worse.

How To Publish Your Own Book on Kindle. From tech writer Amit Agarwal.

On e-publishing and marketing, by Scott Nicholson. What’s Your Value? (via iwisecoach Tamela Buhrke on twitter.)

Writer February Grace, on her awesomely-named blog Pitch Slapped, on authors who go overboard to promote their books. (via Theresa Rizzo on Five Scribes blog.)

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