Weekly Writer’s Round-Up: Week of 12/10/11

Amazon’s Business Model
Richard Russo, writing in the New York Times, on other writer’s reactions to Amazon’s cutthroat business tactics. (via Jackie Blem on Facebook.)

Jarek Steele, owner of Left Bank Books, on Slate’s recent article bashing bookstores. (I didn’t realize Slate was an Amazon affiliate.)

Writer Dan O’Shea on Amazon and taxes.

Writing Craft
Writer John Scalzi on the stuff in sci/fi fantasy that interrupts our suspension of disbelief: The Flying Snowman.

Social Media
Some thoughts on twitter apps, which I’m still fuzzy on, but this guy seems clear: Neal Schaffer on the Buffer app.

Do Facebook ads sell books? Author Caleb J Ross says ‘no.’

Publishing and Marketing
Writer C. Leigh Purtill tells how she e-published after the rights to her traditionally published novel reverted back to her on eBookNewser.

Writer Terry Odell on the Crime Fiction Collective blog: Indie publishing doesn’t mean you’re alone.

Writer Chuck Sambuchino on book promotion, on agent Rachelle Gardner’s blog.

Have a great week!

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4 Responses to Weekly Writer’s Round-Up: Week of 12/10/11

  1. Karen Lin says:

    Geez! You must spend a huge amount of time keeping on on articles by others. How do you have time to write??? Amazing!


    • Chris Devlin says:

      Time to write? What’s that? 😉

      I actually find most of the pertinent information on links from twitter and facebook. I let my social network do most of the work. I also follow a few dozen blogs and some of them are full of interesting, linkable stuff every week. I’m trying to streamline my online time, but I’m still fairly new to the whole thing so it’s a learning curve.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  2. How do you have time to write?
    And watch all those TV shows? 😕

    Thank you for all of these relevant links! 😀
    I particularly appreciate reading Caleb J. Ross’ experiences with his Facebook ads.
    Yet another “pro” argument for my abstention from Facebook/Twitter.
    My “marketing” is the grassroots, underground approach.. 😈


  3. Chris Devlin says:

    My bad back gives me a good excuse to watch all that TV! (I have to get off the computer and recline so I can work on the muscles. My recliner is my best TV buddy.)



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