Weekly Writer’s Round-Up: Week of December 4, 2011

From Madeline Claire Franklin, on keeping a balanced life even if you’re a writer. (via twitter.)



Social Media
Douglas Idugboe, new media marketing guru, on twitter and why it’s relevant. (Neal Schaffer via twitter.)

Writer Mario Acevedo in a bracing post from a bookstore events’ coordinator about the nature of some self-published authors.

Alexandra Alter, in The Wall Street Journal, about self-published success Darcie Chan. (via Roger Smith on twitter.)

Amazon, Monopolies and KDP Select
Bookstore owner Jarek Steele of Left Bank Books, on why Amazon’s latest undercutting of the competition is just too much corporate viciousness. (via Facebook.)

The American Booksellers Association responds to Amazon’s latest monopoly move. (via Indie Booksellers The Tattered Cover on twitter.)

Writer Kait Nolan’s thoughts on KDP Select (Amazon’s exclusive lending library.)

Writer David Gaughran in a thoughtful post on why he’s opting out of KDP Select. (via Chuck Wendig on twitter.)

Thanks and have a great week!

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