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Twitter and Selling Books: My Response to the Red Pen of Doom Guy

A few days ago, a blog post was linked on the social networks I follow; could have been the twitter, could have been the book of face, was probably both. It definitely was NOT the New York Times or a … Continue reading

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Putting the ME in New Media; A Luddite Joins the New Marketing Technolution

A writer who examines the new landscape of social media will encounter a whole internet full of advice, most of it “expert”, much of it contradicting itself. You must blog. Blogging doesn’t increase sales for most writers. You must go … Continue reading

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Weekly Writer’s Round-Up; Week of 11/6/11

The best of the web, or as much of the web as I saw this week: Violent language and women bloggers Here’s a truly disturbing column from writer Laurie Penny “A Woman’s Opinion is the Mini-Skirt of the Internet”, about … Continue reading

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Weekly Writer’s Round-Up; Week of 10/30/11

Here’s my compendium of the best of the web for writers this week: Barry Eisler on JA Konrath’s blog:“Why are so many authors afraid of a possible publishing monopoly while sanguine about a real one?” Writer Courtney Milan on Barry … Continue reading

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Denver International Film Festival

The 34th Annual Starz Denver Film Festival (aka Denver International Film Festival) opens this week in a new home: The Denver Film Center/Colfax, right next to The Tattered Cover Book Store and Twist and Shout. From their website:   An … Continue reading

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