Weekly Writer’s Round-Up; Week of 11/20/11

My best of the web for writers this week. Hope it’s helpful.

Social Media
From the Red Pen of Doom guy, who’s name is actually Guy (Bergstrom), on Why Blog Hits DON’T REALLY MATTER.

From writer Christina Katz: Platform and Social Media Must Not Be Your Center. (via Jane Friedman on twitter.)

On Writer Unboxed, novelist Rebecca Rasmussen: Publicity; Soul-Crushing or Life-Affirming?

Writing Craft
Yuvi Zalkow, on Writer Unboxed, on fresh ways to look at your crappy writing. (Pants optional, giving your pages a shower, and stuffed elephants might or might not be involved.)

Getting Published
Writer Rae Carson shares the query letter that got her an agent on Inkpop, and some query letter resources.

Warning of a pyramid scheme preying on writers from Writer Beware! (via Zoe E. Whitten on twitter.)

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4 Responses to Weekly Writer’s Round-Up; Week of 11/20/11

  1. Thanks, Chris. Appreciate the nod. Write on!


  2. Your weekly round-ups are wonderful! πŸ˜€
    My comments on the links, one-by-one:
    1. Blog hits: I view my blog as being a supplement to my book (and a bit of entertainment!) . A tool to enrich the readers with explanations of its extensive back story (although Christopher Eldridge’s blog has me beat by light years in this respect!)
    2. Social media: Writing comes first. Facebook is a giant data-mining machine serving advertiser’s dollars, not aspiring authors. And our success as writers is dependent on people being able to read more than 140 characters in one sitting.
    3. Publicity: A double-edged sword. My “bio” is “an adult male living somewhere in the Denver, Colorado metro area.” It’s more fun to let my readers fill in the blanks. πŸ˜‰
    4. Fresh ways to look at your crappy writing: Have a group of Goth youths read the chapter of your book where one of your vampires kills a group of (ahem) Goth youths. 😈
    5. Rae Carson: That query letter got her an agent? 😯
    6. If I sell enough Amway books, do I get a pink Cadillac? πŸ˜†


    • Chris Devlin says:

      Hey Daven,
      Thanks. I enjoy collecting these bits from all the web surfing I’m doing these days on writing info. Glad you like them.

      Eldridge has us all beat on filling in his world on his website.

      I’ve found Facebook to be a very useful site for a lot of things, keeping up with long-distance friends being the main one. But it is also helpful in staying informed on what our fellow RMFW members are up to and on meeting new people in the business. It’s only a timesuck if I’m not enjoying it, and I really enjoy the conversations, the links, the info, the photo sharing. Social networking works out well for me, though I can see why it wouldn’t for everyone.

      Did you have a group of goth youths read your scene? That would be … interesting.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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