Weekly Writer’s Round-Up; Week of 11/6/11

The best of the web, or as much of the web as I saw this week:

Violent language and women bloggers
Here’s a truly disturbing column from writer Laurie Penny “A Woman’s Opinion is the Mini-Skirt of the Internet”, about the rape threats and abuse directed at women writers on the internet. (via Jennifer Weiner on Twitter.)
Writer John Scalzi covered the topic in a post from August on his Whatever blog.
V.R. Gallagher’s take: “Asking For It” –Hate Speech Against Female Bloggers on the Rise.

From Publisher’s Weekly: Behind a Bestseller by Joy Bean, a look into the creation of Christopher Paolini’s Eragon series. (Via Matt Staggs on Twitter.)
More thoughts on e-publishing from Mike Shatzin: “True “do-it-yourself” publishing success stories will probably become rare.”
Jenn Webb addresses whether agent-publishers carry a conflict of interest on RadarO’Reilly. (via @JaneFriedman on Twitter.)

Writing craft
Writer Sara Zarr, guest blogging on Nova Ren Suma’s blog, on what inspires her to keep writing when she feels like a failure. (via @madelineclaire on Twitter.)
Writers in the Storm blog, again, with agent and writing coach Donald Maass: It’s Not About the Cougar. (wherein he brilliantly and succinctly encapsulates a point my critique group is always talking about: No matter what cool action stuff you’ve got going on, readers won’t be engaged unless this is happening to someone in a way we care about.)

From Jezebel ‘zine writer Anna North on imprisoned serial killer Charles Bauer who writes kids books under a pseudonym. (Via Stephen Blackmoore on Twitter.)

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4 Responses to Weekly Writer’s Round-Up; Week of 11/6/11

  1. Jenny Hansen says:

    Wow, Chris! Thanks for the Writers In The Storm shout-out. I love that post by Donald Maass. We have Elizabeth Craig teaching how to write a mystery today so I’m all fired up.

    I hadn’t heard about the disturbing hate trend you mention above so I’m off to read those. Have a great week!


    • Chris Devlin says:

      Hi Jenny! Sounds like there’s more chocolatey goodness on Writers in the Storm. Good job, you guys. (When I first read the title, It’s Not About the Cougar, I thought Donald Maass might be referring to the cougar that menaced Jack Bauer’s daughter on “24”, long held to be a low moment on the writing of that show.)

      Yeah, I was horrified by the reports from women writers online. Just when you think we’re past all this nonsense… I hope, now that the issue is getting some attention, some of the more specifically threatening posters will either stop or be caught.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Thanks for the Shatzin Files article, which answers one of my biggest questions.
    He stated Amazon physical imprints will offer 35% (as opposed to Kindle Direct 70%), but, the promotion you get might be worth the trade-off (and one thing that’s been driving authors away from the Big Six recently is the lack of promotion on their end).


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