Denver International Film Festival

The 34th Annual Starz Denver Film Festival (aka Denver International Film Festival) opens this week in a new home: The Denver Film Center/Colfax, right next to The Tattered Cover Book Store and Twist and Shout. From their website:


An eleven-day roster of international screenings, red-carpet premieres and awards ceremonies—among them the prestigious Krzysztof Kieslowski Award for Best Feature Film, the Maysles Brothers Award for Best Documentary and the achievement-based John Cassavetes Award.

I’ve attended the festival for years and have never seen a film that was anything less than fascinating, even the flawed ones. The Q&As with directors, actors, writers and producers are also always worth checking out.  Check the festival schedule on the Denver Film Society website starting Wednesday Nov. 2 with:

Like Crazy. Drake Doremus fashions the heartbreaking tale—already dubbed the “Love Story for a new generation”—of a British college student and an American classmate whose passionate love affair is put to the test when she violates her visa and gets deported. …

And about two hundred fifty other movies as well.  Have fun!

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5 Responses to Denver International Film Festival

  1. Since I spend a fair amount of time at Tattered Cover East Colfax (every week),I’ll be right at home in the new D.I.F.F. location. 😀


  2. Alex says:

    Hey check out Like Crazy when it comes to the Mayan starting on Friday!


    • Chris Devlin says:

      Alex, is that you?! Hi! You’re not in town, are you? Cuz that would be awesome.

      So, you really liked Like Crazy? Are you or anyone you know involved in production?

      And I even have a free ticket to the Mayan (except I have to go Mon-Thurs.) But I’ll def check out the movie.

      Nice to “see” you. 😉


  3. Alex says:

    Hey it is me! I was just in town for a couple days for the opening of the movie at the film fest. My friends Ben and Drake wrote it and Drake directed it. Actually the project was a collaboration from a lot of friends and people who’ve been working together for a while. I was on it too in the camera dept.

    I’ll be back longer in December, good to “see” you too!


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