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The Writing Feedback I Give Over and Over Again

Whether at critique group or as a contest judge, I find myself tempted to make macros of the following tidbits I’ve learned over the years. A lot of it is familiar from other writers, and agents, editors, writing gurus and … Continue reading

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Weekly Writer’s Round-Up; Week of 11/20/11

My best of the web for writers this week. Hope it’s helpful. Social Media From the Red Pen of Doom guy, who’s name is actually Guy (Bergstrom), on Why Blog Hits DON’T REALLY MATTER. From writer Christina Katz: Platform and … Continue reading

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Five of the Butchest Movies Ever Made

High on testosterone. Low on patience. There is no crying in these movies. The Rock Bruckheimer and Simpson didn’t mess around. They threw lots of money and all kinds of attitude at this prison/buddy movie, which is why there are … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Gainsbourg; A Heroic Life

Most of us who weren’t living in France in the 60s probably only know this guy because of this song: I was surprised to learn that he was a huge star in France and though he’s not the prettiest horse … Continue reading

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Why Is Grimm so Grim?

I started off excited to watch this paranormal show. It sounded grittier and less girly than the similar-themed Once Upon a Time. Writer/Producer David Greenwalt of Buffy, Angel, and Miracles fame is involved. Good to go. But after four episodes, … Continue reading

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Weekly Writer’s Round-Up; Week of 11/13/11

Writing craft Screenwriter Alexandra Sokoloff on the passages from her books most highlighted by e-readers.     Social Media Writer Andrew Hickey on why self-published authors should be professional, Pissing in the Pool. (via Mark Stevens on twitter.) From Yahoo/Mashable … Continue reading

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Interview with Tattered Cover Book Store’s Matt Miller

Welcome. I’m very excited to have as my first guest Matt Miller, a general manager at the Tattered Cover Book Store.  As many Denverites know, Tattered Cover is one of the premiere independent bookstores in the nation, a model for … Continue reading

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Twitter and Selling Books: My Response to the Red Pen of Doom Guy

A few days ago, a blog post was linked on the social networks I follow; could have been the twitter, could have been the book of face, was probably both. It definitely was NOT the New York Times or a … Continue reading

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Putting the ME in New Media; A Luddite Joins the New Marketing Technolution

A writer who examines the new landscape of social media will encounter a whole internet full of advice, most of it “expert”, much of it contradicting itself. You must blog. Blogging doesn’t increase sales for most writers. You must go … Continue reading

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Weekly Writer’s Round-Up; Week of 11/6/11

The best of the web, or as much of the web as I saw this week: Violent language and women bloggers Here’s a truly disturbing column from writer Laurie Penny “A Woman’s Opinion is the Mini-Skirt of the Internet”, about … Continue reading

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