Weekly Writing Round-Up Week of 10/23/11

Here’s some of the coolest stuff I found about writing and publishing on the web this week.

Writer Harry Connolly on writers and self-promotion. (Via Chuck Wendig on Twitter.)

Writer Bob Mayer on whether the current self-publishing models are sustainable. (Via Susan Bischoff’s blog.)

Novelist Harlan Coben on writing.

Cracked.com celebrates 7 urban legends that are totally not legends, and some of them aren’t even urban.

Writer Jana DeLeon reports from Novelists Inc. conference on the ebook revolution. (Via writer Beth Groundwater.)

NYT Opinion page debate: Will Amazon kill off book publishers? (Via writer Val Moses.)

Writer Saundra Mitchell on how debut authors will eventually panic less about their books. (Via Twitter.)

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2 Responses to Weekly Writing Round-Up Week of 10/23/11

  1. Terry Wright says:

    Thanks for this, Chris. Interesting stuff. I’ve known Bob Mayer for 12 years. He’s in the know, for sure. Terrry


  2. Chris Devlin says:

    Hey Terry, thanks for stopping by.

    I’ve come across Bog Mayer’s blog before–good info and good writing. That’s cool that you know him.



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