SyFy Channel’s 31 Days of Halloween

If, like me, you think of Halloween as a season and not just one night, ring in the season with these October offerings from SyFy channel:

In addition to their usual late-night rotations of classic horror anthology shows (Twilight Zone, Tales From the Darkside, and Masters of Horror), the geek network showcases some fun scary movies. Some to watch for: (All times are Mountain, because that’s where I live.)

The Cave (Oct. 13 5pm)
Hot guys in tight suits (Morris Chestnut, Cole Hauser) menaced by slimy whatsits from the deep. Okay, it’s a total mash-up of The Descent, Alien and every diving movie ever made, but it’s still nice and claustrophobic.

Dawn of the Dead (Oct. 13 7pm)
The remake of the classic zombie movie, directed by Zack Snyder with a lot of verve. Nerve-wracking and surprisingly involving, this blueprint for most Zombie Contingency Plans (get to a mall) might stick with you for awhile. Especially the giving birth scene, though it’s cut up a little for basic cable.

The Messengers (Oct. 15 9am–DVR it)
Though run-of-the-mill in many ways, this little haunted houser from Hong Kong twins Danny and Oxide Pang is still interesting. Kristen Stewart stretches herself to play a pouty teen. Wait …

Skinwalkers (Oct. 15 11pm)
It’s that old argument–‘assimilate vs. screw that we’re going to be proud of our differences’–played out in warring werewolf packs. Bone-crunching special effects and a bad-ass grandma lend some zing. Bonus; HITG Elias Koteas.

The Prophecy (Oct. 20 11pm)
Killer angels. Native American lore mixed up with Christian dogma. HITG Elias Koteas as a cop who was almost a priest. And Christopher Walken, rocking his Walken as the coolest angel assassin ever. A helluva lot of fun.

100 Feet (Oct. 23 9pm)
Famke Janssen kills her abusive husband, only to be locked up with his even-more-ticked-off ghost in this tidy little thriller. Check out the lovely and talented Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl) as the poor delivery boy who’s just trying to supply the hot ex-con with what she needs.


You could waste whole days on these marathons:

Friday the 13th the Series marathon Oct. 13 6am. Okay, the show about haunted antiques doesn’t hold up all that well–the special effects aren’t much further along than Classic Star Trek. But if it’s late enough and you’ve had some wine, or maybe opium, it could still distract your imagination. Right?

Scared of snakes? There’s a SyFy original movie marathon with snakes/reptiles/gargoyles and the like as the theme. Oct. 21 6am.

Being Human (U.S. version) marathon Oct. 25 6am. I really liked the first season of this funky show, featuring a werewolf, a vamp and a ghost trying to make a go of it as roomies.

If you’re into SyFy’s original “paranormal reality” series (or whatever they’re called) they’re in constant rotation throughout the month, plus these marathons:

Destination Truth–Oct. 17
Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files–Oct. 19
Ghost Hunters–Oct. 12, 31
Scare Tactics–Oct. 10, 17, 24

Here’s the full SyFy October schedule.

Have a Haunted Halloween!

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