New Fall TV Shows, by Devlin

It’s September and we all know what that means.
The new TV season is here, the new TV season is here! [/Navin Johnson voice].

These are the new shows I’m going to check out:

Why? Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy to most of us)! Jason Dohring (Logan on Veronica Mars to a select few of us)! But also, Gellar plays twins, one a recovering addict/stripper and one a socialite. The rich one dies (or does she?) and the struggling ex-druggie/stripper takes over her life. I wonder if one of them will be a sweet blonde and one will have black hair and be eeeevil, like Samantha Stephens and Jeannie?
Premieres: Tuesday, September 13 at 9 PM on The CW.

The Secret Circle
Why? Witches! I miss witches on TV. And like the surprisingly good Vampire Diaries before it, it’s based on books by paranormal teen-lit queen L.J. Smith. In this one, teenagers find out they can’t rebel against their parents’ lifestyles, because their parents were…wait for it…witches! Now there’s a big bad arising in Quaint Small Townville and they have to be witches, too, or something. Anyway, the leads are cute–Lux from Life Unexpected and John Connor from the TV Terminator show.
Premieres: Thursday, September 15 at 9 PM on The CW.

The Playboy Club
Why? Eddie Cibrian–why not? Also, it reminds me of Mad Men and though early reviews say it’s not as good, I guess I’m just in the mood for early-60s period drama.
Premieres: Monday, September 19 at 9 PM on NBC (which pits it against Hawaii 5-0 and Castle, so I’m going to have to catch this on OnDemand. Eddie Cibrian better take off his shirt at least as much as Alex O’Loughlin on the 5-0.)

Why? Intriguing premise: A cop who can remember every moment of her life, this sounds like Psych without the funny. And Dylan Walsh, late of Nip/Tuck.
Premieres: Tuesday, September 20 at 9 PM on CBS.

New Girl
Why? Zooey Deschanel in a set-up that sounds like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy without the Queer Eye part. Her bf cheats on her so she moves in with some guys who teach her how to get a better guy. Methinks much UST will ensue.
Premieres: Tuesday, September 20 at 8 PM on Fox.

Why? The premise, a girl out for–well, dig the title–against the rich bitches who ruined her father. Reminds me pleasantly of the late, great Veronica Mars. Plus, Madeleine Stowe. Haven’t seen her in awhile.
Premieres: Wednesday, September 21 at 9 PM on ABC.

Person of Interest
Why? JJ Abrams, duh. And Michael Emerson, the deliciously ambiguous Ben from Lost. The plot is murky, something about Emerson as a billionaire who teams up with an ex-CIA agent to fight crime in the big city. But that’s okay. A lot of great shows dragged us through some murk. (X-Files and Lost, I’m looking at you.)
Premieres: Thursday, September 22 at 8 PM on CBS.

Prime Suspect
Why? If it’s anything like the terrific BBC original starring Helen Mirren, we’re in. (American remakes of U.S. shows have a spotty record at best, but I like the U.S. Being Human.)
Premieres: Thursday, September 22 at 9 PM on NBC.


Pan Am
Why? Christina Ricci, mostly–girlcrush! And lingering Mad Men nostalgia.
Premieres: Sunday, September 25 at 9 PM on ABC.


Terra Nova
Why? Stephen Spielberg! Jason O’Mara! Dinos! And did I mention, Stephen Spielberg? Let’s hope it’s better than Spielberg’s other TV credit this year, Falling Skies. Then again, that shouldn’t be hard.
Premieres: Monday, September 26, at 7 PM on Fox.

Luther Series Two
Why? Idris Alba, mostly. The first series (as they call TV seasons in Britain) started off terrific, with Alba adding nicely to the troubled-but-brilliant, edgy-but-charismatic Brit detectives made popular by Cracker, Jane Tennison in Prime Suspect and Frost. True, the last two episodes flew spectacularly off the rails, but I’m willing to try again and see if they can keep the focus on Luther and Alba’s gritty, explosive performance.
Premieres: Wednesday, Sept. 28 on BBC America.

Why? British horror at the site of the original Bedlam, like, where the word was invented. Tagline: If these walls could talk, they would scream. Better tagline: When the dead come calling, pray it doesn’t go to voicemail.
Premieres: Saturday, October 1 on BBC America.

American Horror Story
Why? Great cast–Connie Britton, Jessica Lange, Dylan McDermott. Good pedigree–Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, eclectic producers extraordinaire (Nip/Tuck, Glee), and Angel and Firefly writer Tim Minear is a producer. But mostly, it debuts in the fall and has a haunted house. Atmosphere.
Premieres: Wednesday, October 5 on FX.

Why? It’s Psych! One of my favorite shows, mostly because it just makes me laugh and I don’t have to work too hard to understand it. Season 6 promises some kicky guest stars: William Shatner, Danny Glover, Corey Feldman, John Rhys Davies, Malcolm McDowell… No doubt the Psych-Outs will be back with the cast cutting up and sometimes singing kitschy 80s music at the end of each episode. I’m…well…Psyched.
Premieres: Wednesday, October 12 on USA.
Psych Promo

Why? A descendant of the original-recipe Brothers Grimm solves crimes because only he can see that some of the people involved are actually fairy-tale critters. However, one Red Alert: It’s on NBC and their scheduling monkeys have bizarrely pitted it against Fringe and Supernatural on Friday night. Guys, guys, come on. I mean, I know you were the ones who brought us one of the worst programming moves in TV history with the whole, let’s put a late-night talk show on in primetime. But haven’t you replaced those drunken monkeys on crack with some better drunken monkeys on crack? Both Fringe and Supernatural attract the same audience as your show, and both have fanatically loyal fanbases that have followed them through schedule changes and some challengingly bad episodes. And it’s Friday night, when most of the juicy 18-35 year-old-males that are the only demographic advertisers care about are out doing young male things, or they’re in doing young male things but not watching TV. Did you lose a bet?
Premieres: Friday, October 21 at 8 PM (unfortunately) on NBC

Once Upon a Time
Why? A bail bondswoman returns to the subtly-named village of Storybrooke to hustle characters from a fantasy book back where they belong. I couldn’t stand Jennifer Morrison’s character of Cameron on House, but that’s not her fault, and I’ll try anything paranormal at least once.
Premieres: Sunday, October 23 at 7 PM on ABC

Feel like snarking about TV? Or do you find yourself wanting to spend hours overanalyzing the subtext on your favorite shows? Join us over at Television Without Pity where all of that twisted behavior is the norm.

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6 Responses to New Fall TV Shows, by Devlin

  1. Netflix streaming and video discs (Blu-Ray/DVD) take up virtually all of my viewing time nowadays, so I’m always glad to read useful information about TV series I’ll be seeing in a year or two… 😉

    Hell, I still have a number of video discs and books I bought at the Ultimate Electronics and Borders liquidations that I haven’t even got around to viewing/reading yet… 😯


  2. Chris Devlin says:

    Unfortunately, the vast majority of these new shows won’t be around long enough to make it to DVD–the TV landscape is as tough as book publishing these days. On the other hand, you save yourself a lot of time not checking out series that aren’t going to last. And you don’t get your heart broken by losing shows that are cancelled too soon–Eyes, Touching Evil on USA, The Nine, Life, Pushing Daisies, etc.


  3. I still mourn the cancellation of Square Pegs, myself… 😉

    There are a number of DVD sets for TV shows that only lasted one or two seasons.

    Heck, “Gilligan’s Island” and the original “Star Trek” only lasted three seasons each, and that was back in the 1960’s 😈


  4. Chris Devlin says:

    Heh. I knew you were a Square Pegs man.


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