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My RX For a Bloated Novel; Posterboard and Sticky Notes

If, like me, you love to listen to yourself write, you’ve probably needed to cut huge swaths of words out of your novels. I’m rewriting my YA urban fantasy St. Vitus Academy Bk. 1; The Lazarus Rock. Word count: I’m … Continue reading

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Review: Drive

Nicholas Winding Refn’s Drive is one of those buzzy movies with wildly mixed reviews.  The enamored toss around favorable comparisons to Pulp Fiction and Taxi Driver while others use words like ‘laughable’ and ‘over-the-top.’ Movies like that are at least … Continue reading

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My Origin Story Part 7: Another Novel, More Lessons Learned (Sort of)

Previously on My Origin Story: I worked on a style of writing and won an award. During the summer between 9th and 10th grade, I started my second novel. In Anya Seton’s Green Darkness, a novel about reincarnation, there was … Continue reading

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How To Write a Batterer

In critique group the other day, the issue of writing batterers and domestic abuse came up. Here are some thoughts on the matter. (My alter ego is as a crisis counselor in a domestic violence (DV) safehouse.) Who are these … Continue reading

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Film Noir; Some Greats

Smoking was cool. Lighting was dark. And the souls of the denizens of film noir were even darker. Born out of post-war angst and moral uncertainty, the “noir” movement in literature and film produced some classic movies. And the sultry, … Continue reading

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My first-ever guest blogger!

Today, please welcome my friend, writer Ray Dean Parker (aka Richard Dean).  I’ve asked him to share some of his vast knowledge about the fascinating literary genre of Noir Fiction.  Look for his novel, One Good Thing, upcoming as an … Continue reading

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Noir Fiction by Ray Dean Parker

I like to imagine some lonely guy back in the late-1940s or so, on his own in a small town or in a big city, living in a hotel by the railroad tracks or a roominghouse or a cheap apartment, … Continue reading

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