Tattered Cover Book Store Celebrates 40 Years!

In this climate, where indie bookstores are falling like the DOW, this is truly a milestone.  Visit one of Tattered Cover’s three locations and let yourself be treated to the smell of new books, the feel of actual people to talk to and some of the best customer service you’ll ever find. They’re also online.


Share a story or two of an experience you had at Tattered Cover, or another brick-and-mortar store if you’re not from here.  And congratulations to owner Joyce Meskis and her intrepid crew.

Forty years is a long time, trust me, I know.

Photo credit: Jeremiah Chamberlin


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2 Responses to Tattered Cover Book Store Celebrates 40 Years!

  1. One of my plans is to offer a “bonus chapter” exclusively offered when the book is purchased from The Tattered Cover (either a small-run physical book or an e-book version sold by The Tattered Cover online).

    One of the chapters of the (omniscient POV) first draft of my book was set in The Tattered Cover.
    Z, a Vampire from Romania, is a huge fan of my in-universe paranormal romance novel series. In my original Chapter Seven, she attends the author’s book signing/Q&A session event, set in the lower level of the Colfax T.C. 😈

    A revised version of this chapter would be a great choice for the “bonus chapter.” 😀


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