The Abs of Summer or: Gratuitous Manflesh

Hard to believe but it’s almost fall, the time when hot guys have to put their shirts back on.  Here’s a salute to some of the abdominals that dominate: (Caution: Some of the links make noise when you click them.)

Chris Gorham: Even though he’s always playing brainy nerds, the writers manage slyly to slip in opportunities for said nerds to disrobe, the equivalent of a prim librarian taking off her thick-rimmed glasses and letting down her hair.  Go nerds!  See more of Christopher on USA’s Covert Affairs.



Ryan Gosling: All this and the guy can actually act.






Taylor Lautner: And to think there was a time, in between the first and second Twilight movies, when there was talk of replacing him with someone beefier to compete with manly Robert Pattinson. The poor kid worked his sweet buns off and showed them all, flashing this worthwhile physique. Now that he’s legal, let’s honor his hard work.


Matthew McConaughey: So the guy likes to play the bongo drums naked. Lucky bongos.







D’Angelo: Some of the trickiest camerawork this side of Avatar kept the eyes riveted on the guy’s washboards in this delicious video.  Can’t for the life of me remember the song, but the body oil was a stellar second lead.






Tyler Posey: Teen Wolf like Michael J. Fox never dared.  Turns out they cast some other potential wolf boys who gave the lead a run for his washboards in the alpha abs department.  Decide for yourself.  I just hope they keep competing.


Colton Haynes                      Tyler Hoechin





Harry Shum Jr.: There’s a lot of competing going on over at Glee, for singing, dancing, dates. But Harry takes his shirt off with the best of them as dancer Mike Chang and that’s a tough room. Don’t break a leg, Harry!




Chris Evans: The guy can rock the shirtless look even when he’s not supposed to be genetically enhanced.







Mario Lopez: Run, Mario, run!






Ryan Reynolds: What, like I’m not going to include the Abman in this list?  My only problem was picking just one RR 8-pack glossy to highlight.  So here are a few extra–problem solved!










That’s all for the gratuitous nudity–for now.  Keep doing those crunches, boys.






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5 Responses to The Abs of Summer or: Gratuitous Manflesh

  1. Michelle says:

    You forgot Alexander Skarsgard. I’m all about the Eric Northman hotness these days. Mmmhmmmmm.


  2. If, some time in the future, you should happen to end up reading a graphic novel where certain characters are drawn with “eye candy” templates (ie: D = Christian Bale, L = Christina Hendricks (young) /Julianne Moore (present), S = Katy Perry as Bettie Page, Z = Roma version of Megan Fox), please don’t call it “fanservice” (even though it is!) or I will have to mention this post… 😉 😆


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