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My Origin Story Part 3: Fits and Starts

Previously on My Origin Story: I read a lot and ultimately was unsatisfied. Time to write again. In the beginning of 4th grade, my mother and sisters and I moved from rural Minnesota to the big, dry city of Denver. … Continue reading

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Shark Week is Almost Here…

“Live every week like it’s shark week.” Tracy Jordan, 30 Rock. Every year, Discovery Channel comes up with new and increasingly high-tech ways to celebrate our favorite predator; the shark. (On their Facebook page: “Jawesome since 1988.”) This year, you … Continue reading

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Best TV Show Seasons Ever

Kung Fu S.1; Easily one of the weirdest concepts for a TV show ever–who pitched this thing? “So, there’s this half-Chinese, half-white Shaolin priest who wanders the Old West looking for his half-brother and kicking some thug cowboy tail. Oh, … Continue reading

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My Origin Story Part 2: Reading Charlotte’s Web

Previously on my origin story, I got frustrated with a picture book in first grade and wrote my own. The next phase of my writerly development concerned reading Charlotte’s Web–eight times. I read a lot in the 2nd and 3rd … Continue reading

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Good and Bad Movie Taglines

A great movie tagline can be as memorable as the film itself. So can a bad one. Here are some of both.  

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Confessions of a Contest Judge

Just finished another round of contest entries. As a judge in two different contests over the years, I have a confession to make. Or several:

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What Writers Can Learn From Eminem

Taking off from the notion that good writing can be found in the unlikeliest of places, here are some lessons from the volatile rapper: (Potentially offensive material ahead–proceed with caution.)

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My Origin Story Part 1: White Wing the Dove

All superheroes have their origin story and since writing can be a heroic act, I thought I’d write mine down.  Of course, The Amazing Adventures of… The Novelist! would be about the most boring comic book ever.

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The Cult of Archimedes’ Death Ray

You might know the legend: Archimedes the Smart was in Syracuse for a long siege by the Romans.  He used his smarts, and parabolas, to point polished shields and reflected sunlight onto the Roman ships, thereby setting them on fire. … Continue reading

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Why District 9 is Better Than Avatar

Two allegorical sci-fi films. Avatar, James Cameron’s metaphor for the oppression of the Native Americans. District 9, South African director Neill Blomkamp’s rendering of the horrors of apartheid. Both heralded by critics and fans alike. Both nominated for Best Film … Continue reading

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