Websites That Win

When I was surfing the web, as the techies say, trying to envision my own website, I checked out seemingly millions of blogs and websites. I discovered something: some of them suck. I decided I didn’t want to have one of the ones that suck, so I kept on going and found some websites that not only didn’t suck, they rocked.

Here’s a list of some of the winners based on my own random criteria:

  • Usability
  • Hit what they’re aiming for
  • Design reflects subject matter
  • Don’t annoy me with overkill or things that move too much
  • Something extra
  • Spelling
Tagline: Sharp and pointed observations about good writing
The bold colors, the clean columns, the helpful comments, the well-edited content–aces, ladies.
Tagline: We come from the future
Normally too much going on for my tastes, but if a website should respresent its author/subject/audience, this one nails it. Sci-fi geeks, futurists, and fans of kitschy pop culture should all feel at home here. Even the ads are so sci-fi cool, it’s hard to tell them from the content. (I would usually take away points for the obscure icons on the menu–but hey. Sci-fi geeks tend to be right brain. Who am I to require translation for left-brain Luddites like me? Is that second menu icon a flame? Some cake frosting? 80s hair? I guess it’s not that important.)
Tagline: All of the romance, none of the bullshit
The title says it all–the snark, the scope, the bitches. Announcing itself with bold colors, cat-eye glasses, naked man backs and zingy regular features like HaBO (Help a Bitch Out), this site is easy to visit, easy to digest and easy to recommend.

Look-the surface of Mars!
Astronomy Picture of the Day–Tagline: Discover the Cosmos!
Okay, normally, I have to mock exclamation points in static text, but this site warrants it! Nearly every day since June, 1995, these supernerds have posted a picture of our amazing universe complete with alternately clear and tech-geeky explanations. Quasars and comets and proof of the existence of gravitomagnetism, oh my! They sometimes break from the straight science and post sweet videos and April Fool’s Day jokes. Plus, best desktop pictures ever! (Like the one in my banner.)

Now that I’ve waxed rhapsodic, tune in next time as I wax harsh with website don’ts.

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