Another Writer Jumps on the Blogwagon.

I’m an aspiring novelist and decided after years of waffling to merge onto the information highway. (This is back when the internet was still called that.) First exit: Stop calling it the information highway, there, 1995.

It’s “New Media.” Or perhaps it’s “Social Networking.” Or even “Social Media.” How about “New Social Networking Media?” NSNM. Of course, this will only confuse people, as it sounds like a NIN cover band, or MSNBC in the backwards world.

Whatever the kids are calling “it” these days, pick your poison. Then try to reframe thinking of new media as poison. It’s just a way to meet people, some of whom might want to read your books, only you’re doing it electronically instead of in real life. This is good because it means you don’t have to wash your hair, shave anything, or worry if your ironic hipster T-shirt is too young for you. Learn to embrace the convenience, and the sloth.

Duck! Luddite!

So, how did a die-hard Luddite like me get my own website? The first piece of advice in the Luddite’s Guide to Technology is now, and always will be:

1. Call your nephew or granddaughter and ask them to come over and help you. If your nephew is busy and you do not have a granddaughter, or even a daughter, then go on to the next piece of advice on the list and do like The Beatles:

2. Get by with a little help from your friends.

3. Or, a lot of help, if you can manage it. This requires getting a lot of friends. How you get a lot of friends is a whole other list–I got mine by sheer luck and clever manipulation, so I can’t really advise you on that. Fortunately for me, a number of my friends got off their bums and learned all this techie stuff so I didn’t have to. Then they gave it to me–for free. I heart my friends.

Check back in the coming weeks as I explore the finer points of new social media networking, or something, and share my experiences trying to navigate the traditional publishing versus e-publishing debate. It’s possible there could be trivia and funny videos and the occasional pop culture reference. It’s probable there will be a lot of self-indulgent navel-gazing about my writer’s journey, though I promise not to put that on video.


Upcoming on Devlin’s blog:
Twitterpated: Why I’m not dizzy in love over tweeting.
Websites That Win/Websites That Fail: My own random assortment of criteria for what to like on the wide world of web.
Loudest Movies Ever: Tune in to find out what that one’s about!

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3 Responses to Another Writer Jumps on the Blogwagon.

  1. Congratulations on getting your blog started! πŸ˜€

    I’ll add you in my blogroll πŸ™‚


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