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Huck Finn: An Alternate Take

When Alan Gribben, a Mark Twain scholar from Montgomery, decided to put out an edited version of Huck Finn minus the racial slurs, the blogosphere and the newsosphere went nuts. Bloggers, columnists, writers, academics–all jumped on the topic, most to … Continue reading

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Great Story Songs of Yore

Is it just me or is the melodramatic story song a lost art? Here are some gems from the long-ago time before “niche programming” made pop songs about cannibalism all but impossible to pull off. Run, Joey, Run Thank you, … Continue reading

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Some Kickin’ Book Signings

I worked at Tattered Cover Book Store for ten years, and in that time, was present for roughly a thousand book signings. Which ones worked? Which didn’t? Here are a few that stand out:

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Some Thoughts on Book Signings (while they still exist)

Though the days of extended book tours at brick-and-mortar stores might be fading fast, good self-promotional skills never die. So if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in front of an audience of potential buyers at an event, here are … Continue reading

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Summer TV; Not an Oxymoron Anymore

Just when you thought it was safe to turn off your TV and go outside for awhile, the cable networks come along and make sure you keep power-lounging. Here’s what I’m programming into the DVR this summer:

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Some of the Loudest Movies Ever

Ever notice the sound effects editors seem to work overtime on some films? From explosions to machines to screaming to music, and all combinations of the above, have your remote handy so you can keep adjusting the volume for these … Continue reading

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Websites That Fail

Previously, I highlighted some websites and blogs that I found to be awesome. In the yin to that yang, here’s the awesome-not-so-much.  I won’t pick on anyone specific, but there were some booboos I noticed over and over that really … Continue reading

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